About Me & Mission Statement


My name is Saundra Porter.  I live in Sussex County, Delaware nestled in a woodland wonderland where beauty and nature abounds.  It is here where my art forms develop and where I feel a kindred connection to our foremothers who also created with their hands.  Their creativity was usually directed to needful things and made do with what was available in hand-me-down clothing and feed sack materials.  I have been making dolls since 1988 and rug hooking since 1997, yet I continue to learn various techniques in both arts by learning from the best teachers in both categories.

While I do use new quality cottons and other textiles to create my dolls, vintage items are often used.  Stuffing of the dolls will vary, but mostly I use fiberfill.   Depending on the look or feel I am trying to achieve, it may be excelsior, wool and rags or sawdust.  Various dollmaking techniques are utilized to achieve the desired time-worm appearance of a collectible primitive or folk art doll of yesteryear.  

Traditional rug hooking has become a passion for me.   My home is adorned with numerous rugs I have hooked and on occasion I will offer new projects for sale.  My rugs are hooked using quality woolens and backing.  Years ago the hooked rugs were drawn on the inside of burlap feed sacks and hooked using a variety of fabrics which were no longer useable as clothing.  Their primitive hooking tool was a nail which was bent or filed down to make a hook which was then inserted into a carved piece of wood.  Some of those very rugs have endured hundreds of years and are still being appreciated today. 

Today there are more choices for backing available: linen, burlap, verel, monks cloth, and rug warp.  While 100% wool is the favorite textile used to hook with today, there are also those rug hookers who use other fibers into their works of art.  My hooking projects will include woolens hand dyed by me as well as reclaimed wool in their 'as is' colors.  The textures and as-is reclaimed wool really adds to the antique appeal.

Enjoy your visit here and feel free to contact me if you have a question or wish to place an order you may phone me at 302-628-1061 or e-mail me by clicking HERE, and you can find a printable order form on the HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER page.  Satisfaction guaranteed, as a happy customer is a returning and referring customer.



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